Keen to get started I have been thinking about the data structure to be used in the activity XML file to be read by the activity flash movie (SWF file).  This XML file is to contain all the activity settings, text and feedback data and this is loaded by the activity SWF file as it is displayed to the user.  These settings, text etc are then used to determine how the activity will appear and behave. Taking this approach will hopefully provide the activity author with significant scope in defining how the activity looks and responds to user input to suit their particular needs.

The proposed activity XML structure is as follows:

      <activityType value="line"/>
      <skinBgColour value="0x999999"/>
      <skinBarColour value="0x999999"/>
      <activityTitle>Glioma tumor</activityTitle>
      <introduction>Outline the Glioma tumor on this MRI scan.</introduction>
      <point x="100" y="100"/>
      <point x="200" y="200"/>
      <note xcoord="146" ycoord="245" url="">This is some text</note>
      <note xcoord="67" ycoord="90" url="">This is some text</note>

Download a copy of the proposed activity XML file.