One issue I am very aware of is the accessibility of interactive resources. Drawtivity activities will obviously always present problems for visually impaired users. However users with difficulties using a mouse should not be prevented from using these activities and so I am working on providing keyboard controls for all aspects of activity functionality. Below is a list of the keys involved and functions controlled by each key (this is in additon to the ability to tab to and select each of the activity buttons). Feel free to try this out with this version of the biceps activity.

NB you need to select the activity before these keyboard controls will work. Using IE you can easily use the tab key to select the activity. Firefox and Chrome seem to require you to click on the activity with the mouse to select the activity (bit of a problem that but I can’t find an easy answer at this stage – answers on a postcard please…)

Key Function
O Displays and hides the OER information panel
I Displays and hides the activity introduction panel
P Draws a point in the middle of the activity image which can be located with the arrow keys – when feedback is being displayed the P key toggles through the display of the pop up notes.
Arrows Up, down, left and right arrow keys position the live point (the latest point added to the activity or the point selected with N and B keys)
D Deletes the last point
R Resets the drawn line or area
N Changes the live point (the point that can be positioned with the arrow keys), moves this to the next drawn point.
B Also changes the live point but moves this to the previous drawn point.
F Toggles the display of feedback