Work commitments, Christmas and a bad case of the winter flu have delayed development work on Drawtivity for a period, but I am now back on the case. Recently I have been working on the Drawtivity system admin functionality. This is designed to facilitate the management of a live authoring system provides a means for blocking users and activities where their behaviour proves inappropriate. Below is a list of the functionality being developed, please let me know if you think I have missed anything…

Admin functionality

  • Search registered users on the system
  • View registered user details (name, email, number of activities, number of blocked activities)
  • Block a user from accessing the system
  • View list of reported activities
  • Block an inappropriate activity from being displayed by the system
  • View the author of any activity

New site/activity viewer functionality

  • Report activity as inappropriate (available to any activity viewer – generates an email to the site administrator and logs the report in the database)

New site settings

  • Accepted email extensions for user registrations (a list of email extensions separated by commas e.g. “,” to limit email addresses that will be allowed to be used to create accounts on the system).
  • Administrator user id (default set as 1 but can be used to set any system user as the site administrator)
    Display activities (whether the system displays a preview of the activity on the activity page)