Drawtivity - admin help

Administration of the Drawtivity site

A single user of the Drawtivity system is defined as the site administrator. The admin user is defined in the dy_includes.php file by the value assigned to the ADMIN_USER_ID variable which by default is set as 1. This user will receive automatic email alerts when an activity is reported as inappropriate and has access to functionality to manage the users and activities on the system.

When logged in as the admin user you will see two additional menu items in the site menu bar at the top of each page:

  1. Manage users - search the users registered on the system, view their activities and block users if appropriate.
  2. Reported - for managing activities on the system that have been reported as inappropriate.

Managing users

There are several actions available to site administrators to manage system users:

Restricting who can set up an account - by default the Drawtivity system will allow any visitor to set up a user account. You can choose to limit the ability of visitors to create accounts by adding a restriction by email domain (set with the variable ACCEPTED_EMAIL_EXTENSIONS defined in the dy_includes.php file). This means only users registering with email addresses matching accepted email domains can set up an account.

Finding a system user - clicking on the manage users menu link accesses a search users interface. Here you can search users by name and also view all blocked and unblocked users.

Search users

Viewing the activities created by an author - when viewing a search result list of users, click on the view icon to see the individual user's details and also a list of the activities created by that user. Each activity public page can be viewed by clicking on the related activity's view icon.

Blocking an author from using the site - should a user's behavior warrant their expulsion from the site, their system access can be blocked. When blocked a user will not be able to login to the site and so will not be able to edit any of their activities. Find the user via the manage user search page and click on the view icon for that user. Then click on the Block user from using the site link.

Block user link

NB - Blocking a user does not remove that user's activities from the site. If you wish to remove these activities in additon to blocking the user, you will need to view each activity public page and use the block activity facility. The easiest way to do this will be via the list of activities displayed on their user details page.

Reported activities

Each activity on the system may be reported by any viewer of its public page via the Report activity as inappropriate link.

Report activity link

When reported the site administrator will receive an automatic email including details of the reported activity. The adminisrator is also alerted to outstanding reported activities by the number displayed in brackets by the Reported link in the admin menu.

Reported menu item with outstanding report highlighted

Clicking on this Reported menu item displays a list of all outstanding reported activities. View each reported activity using the related view icon. Where appropriate block the activity using the Block this activity link displayed at the top of that activity's public page.

Block this activity link

When you have taken appropriate action you should delete the report by clicking on the related Delete report icon.

Delete report icon